UPDATE – Important information – Please read carefully

Practices begin next week for all boys’ teams, so we wanted to send an update with some pertinent information. Today, we finalized uploading the schedule for the season for all teams to our new system. The system will now generate RSVP’s to all players 2 days before an event occurs, we would really appreciate it if you take the time to RSVP to these alerts as it allows us to understand what players will be present for practices and tournaments. The whole process is very simple, you should get an email and all you will have to do is click your status, you will not have to log into League Apps to RSVP.

If you would like to view our full master calendar there is a link on our homepage under the SCHEDULES drop down on the toolbar. There is also a link to the master calendar on both the boys’ and girls’ pages. All of these options will take you to the same place.

In our invitations to players we explained that we have moved to a new system for registration in an attempt to streamline all of our programs. The system has worked very well but we have received emails from families requesting information that is readily available on our website. We understand that the change to a new system and website does create some confusion, so we hope that moving forward we can work together so that everyone knows where to find the information they need.

From our home page you will find a boys’ team and girls team link. These will take you to the respective side of the site that applies to your family. In some cases, we have families with both boys and girls so please make sure to visit both sites as they are not the same.

When you click on the side of the site you would like to visit the first thing that comes up is our tournament listing for each team. Each tournament is a clickable link that takes you to a tournament page for Xtreme teams, the information available on these pages will tell you which teams are attending (also on the previous page under the team listing), dates for the tournament, schedules, waivers, rules, hotel information, field locations, and field maps. There is a tournament page created for each and every tournament that Xtreme will be competing in.

If you return back to the boys or girls page and scroll down, you will find more pertinent information below. Information regarding practices starting, master calendar, team information, and practice field locations. If you click on the team listing there are coaching assignments and practice details for each team. This information has all been up since invitations were sent out.

Moving forward we will be sending all of our correspondence out through social media. One of the complaints we have received in past seasons is that people do not check their e-mail later in the afternoon, so we have made the decision to issue alerts via Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. If you are not following us on those social media sites you could be missing valuable information so, please get over to our sites and follow us to stay on top of our most current information. While you are at the social media page of your liking please make sure to turn post notifications on, this way when we post anything you will get an instant alert to your device. For information on how to follow us and get notifications please see information provided below.

We look forward to seeing everyone next week at practice and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us. If you cannot find something on our website and think something should be added please let us know, we are trying to create a centralized place for everyone to get their information from, we have spent a lot of time working on this.

Just a reminder that the girls middle school team will move to Pop Travers Park tonight, same practice schedule, just a new location.

Xtreme Lacrosse

Directions for getting post notifications:

Facebook – from your computer
Visit the Xtreme Lacrosse page on Facebook and make sure to like the page, from there in the middle of the page next to the like button there is a “following” button. If you click on that button you can “turn on” post notifications and also set our page as something you “see first”.

Facebook – from mobile device
You will need to visit the Xtreme Lacrosse page on your mobile device, from there you can click on “thumbs up” to like the page. Right below the thumbs up there is a button with 3 dots, if you click on that button you will be given the option to follow the page. Once you do that you can click on that button again, then click on the word “following” and you can edit your notification settings

Instagram – from your mobile device only
Search for floridaxtremelacrosse on Instagram using the search button. Once we are located you can click the “follow” to stay up to date on Instagram. Once you follow us on Instagram on the top right side of the app you will see 3 dots, click on “turn on post notifications” and “turn on story notifications” and you will be alerted when anything is posted to our Instagram feed.

Twitter – from your mobile device
Search for @FloridaXtreme on Twitter, when you locate us you can click on the account page. On the top right you can click on the “follow” button. Once this is done to. The left of the follow button is a gear button, please click that and “turn on notifications”

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